22 Jan 2011

Katie Burrett Nails .DC Leopard print.

Ahhh so lucky enough I have a house mate that has decided that she wants to do nail art on the side of her chosen subject photography. I think its amazing to have two hobbies! I really want to find a new hobbie... hmmm.....

Basically, she just asked us all in the house what we wanted and as long as she had the colours she would have a stab at it. 

Mine have a coral and pink background, half and half. then black leopard print design in black on top.
On the thumbs she the whole nail pink and used black ink to draw on the DC sign.
She then wacked a reallly good top coat and the designs have lasted for 6 days with no chips! YAY.

Well done Katie !!


haha I love them so much!

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  1. so COOL!!!!!!! ♥