30 Nov 2010

Cassette Playa cyber jewel AW10-11

New line for AW 10-11 by Cassette Playa inspired by Cosplay, japanese gaming and characters.

Animal Camper Van Slippers

It's snowing!!! sure it looks pretty but its COLD! These slippers are the only thing thats gettting me through this shattering temperature. Well Done Animal!

Available to buy at Shop.animal.co.uk for £19.99!

20 Nov 2010

The Grinch Converse Shoes

Ahhh how awesome are these! I like that they're sketched too

I don't think i'd be wearing these around in the summer time though!

ahhh christmasss!!!

18 Nov 2010

My Prints autumn/winter 2012

Finally got some of them on my blog.

At the moment doing trend concepts, predicting trends for autumn/winter 2012!

Bold colourful streetwear. Sick of those warm neutral colours. More colour please!!

Marshall ''The major'' Headphones

I need to try these out! When i first saw them I thought anyone would need a loan, but fortunately they're only around £90! They Marshall so they've gotta be good, surely!

12 Nov 2010

Alexisonfire at HMV Forum, London!

Loosing both shoes, being punched in head, loosing my flesh tunnel in the pit and a good amount of crowd surfing. Thats when you know it was a good gig!

Big fan of these for a while, and never seen them headline their own gig, so was really good to just hear an hour and half of their music rather than 10 minutes at a festival.

HMV Forum is smallish so you can get quite close to the band, although they proper cram everyone in, so its a tight fit.

7 Nov 2010

Men's Autumn/Winter 2010 snow jackets

(O'Neill winter 2010)

These prints are great! I saw the electric til snowboarding jacket in the O'Neill store and it even though it was at pretty much the back of the shop, it was one of the first things I saw!

Fresh, bold and almost streetwear like, this is the future for snowboarding jackets, we won't just be seeing these style jackets on the slopes and cliff edges but they'll be finding there ways onto the streets of London.
Bright colours on our streets are what we need on these gloomy winter days, enough of pastels and warm colours.

(O'Neill winter 2010)

It's time to get out there and stand out.

Take some of these bad boys as a pointer.

I went to the sweet shop and bought.....

Enough to get your mouth watering on extreme mode! I found them in this shop called ''sweets from heaven'' it sells a bunch of american sweets and chocolates as well as britains favourites like dib dabs and drumsticks! YUM!
Also made a purchase of some yummy hershey's white chocolate peanut butter cups!! YUUUUM. If you love peanut butter you need to try these yummy little sugary heavens! available in white and milk chocolate! everyones happy!

I had no problem in spending over £5 to pay by card!

new O'neill with Philips technology headphones!

Like heaven to my ears, I experienced the explosive sound from these bad boys available on the O'neill online as well as in store!

The sound is amazing, and ridiculously comfortable! these are the larger ones and smaller coloured ones are available, but if you like big sound and comfort these are definetly the ones to go for.

At £99 I definetly think they're worth it! philips headphones are always high quality but having that o'neill touch just makes them clearly the coolest headphones ever!

Another one for the christmas list......

Above: The full selection of o'neills new colaberation with philps