29 Jan 2011

10% off at www.bigbobblehats.co.uk :)

Thanks to Big Bobble Hats '' Be Bold. Be Bright. Be Seen'', They have offered a 10% discount to my readers as a thank you for writing about their brand in my blog. 

The code is BBH0110

Many thanks to bigbobblehats.co.uk !!

Available in many colours and also includes custom made bobble hats.

From only £10


Be Bold. Be Bright. Be Seen

(yellow marmotte)                (Peas and Carrots)

Be Bold. Be Bright. Be Seen - words from www.bigbobblehats.co.uk

Big Bobble Hats is a company that specialise in custom bobble hats. 

They have a range of hats available to purchase and also offer the chance for you to create your own hat with a range of colours to choose from. 

Prices are very affordable!!
Pre-designed hats start at only £10.00
Custom hats start from just £12.00



Converse Wonder Woman

Love these Wonder Woman Converse, not as imagery as a lot of their other DC comic designs, but thats why I love them so much. They also have a pink tongue and are available in hi tops and low tops.

The low tops have the opposite design, outer part of the show is the pink and the tongue is the purple with stars.

Very nice

£55  - Converse.com

Amplid Exploding Chickens Snowboard

This snowboard is fab! very colourful with a very graphic design (in relation to both the illustration as well as the nature of the design ha)

50% less energy to build so very good for those of us environmentally aware.

£297 - Amplid.com 

25 Jan 2011

ROXY Spring 2011: Fleece & Hoodies!

Work Experience with Canoe LTD

From Monday I'm going to be doing work experience at Canoe as part of my University degree. Canoe is  a creative communications agency who work with various sportswear and outdoor brands to promote their products and deliver a brilliant and affective service. 

EEExcited! :D 

22 Jan 2011

Katie Burrett Nails .DC Leopard print.

Ahhh so lucky enough I have a house mate that has decided that she wants to do nail art on the side of her chosen subject photography. I think its amazing to have two hobbies! I really want to find a new hobbie... hmmm.....

Basically, she just asked us all in the house what we wanted and as long as she had the colours she would have a stab at it. 

Mine have a coral and pink background, half and half. then black leopard print design in black on top.
On the thumbs she the whole nail pink and used black ink to draw on the DC sign.
She then wacked a reallly good top coat and the designs have lasted for 6 days with no chips! YAY.

Well done Katie !!


haha I love them so much!

21 Jan 2011

Riley the smiley dog celebrates his second birthday with a toothy grin and a cupcake

Oh this dog is amazing! I need him in my life!


It's been a while since I've posted due to lots and lots of university work but thought this would be a lovely comeback.

This smiley face fry up sweater by ashish made my day!

Available at Topshop.com - £60!!

6 Jan 2011

NEWW!! Roxy Spring/Summer 2011 Collectionn!

Well I've had a sneek peak of what Roxy have got in store for us this summer, alot of bright colours! Lots of big bags, Bright Festival welllies, Funk shorts and a range of new bikinis!

They've also designed a pair of shoes called '' Roxy Cruisers'' that are foldable and you can wack them in your bag. explained as ''Twist me'' ''Squeeze me'' ''Squish me''. They come in a range of prints including checkered, cord and also plain fabrics.

NEWW!! Menswear O'neill Spring/Summer 2011

Just a glimpse of some of the lovely clothes O'neill are bringing us this spring/summer! The styles of the new season are new and innovative, with ruggest skinny jeans, an on-trend plaid shirt and the on-trend denim shorts making an appearence in this seasons line.

Excited to see the rest of the collection including the Womenswear.

4 Jan 2011

New Nikita Number


Nikita Celsius Dress

Actually love this dresss, and I really like the print on it! basic and sketchy! love the hood as well.

Gunna wear it with some black tights or black over the knee socks and White Dr Martensss!  

1 Jan 2011

New Year. New Start.

So it's the beginning of 2011! a new start and a busy year ahead!

So my main NY resolution is to quit with the 'judging'! I can no longer use the phrase '' but i'm a girl this is acceptable''. 

I still remain to be me and not be walked over, but need to quit with judging people before I get to know them, Sure there's still gunna be the rubbish people, but I'll feel the better person. :)

HO to the RAH!

Get as much experience as possible, take every opportunity that strolls on past, and make sure this year is better than the last 20!

Also. Get a Sketchbook and doodle continuously!!  

To 2011, this is going to be an exciting year. FO SHO.