26 Dec 2010

Internship with Animal!

I've been given time out of university to do work experience for a company as part of my degree, and I got in touch with Animal, and they've offered me work experience with the design team down in Poole!
Its gunna be sooo good. It's important to go for work experience somewhere you can relate too otherwise it could give you the wrong impression of the fashion industry.

I've been asked to create a blog relating to my experience, but I might just add a page to this blog so I can keep my thoughts and experiences together!

25 Dec 2010

Thanks ''Santa''

Nixon Watch

Reese's Butter cups and sour jelly belly beans

Old school Dream phone!

Illuminious Pink Converse

Oakley hat

18 Dec 2010

Women's New Arrivals - Adidas Orginals winter 2010

Women's Tank Dress - £550 - shop.adidas.co.uk

Women's Jeremy Scott Winged Bomber - £140 - shop.adidas.co.uk

Women's A.039 AOP Leggings - £25.00 - shop.adidas.co.uk

Women's Jeremy Scott Wings Bustier - £95.00 - Shop.adidas.co.uk

Men's New Arrivals - Adidas Orginals winter 2010

Mens Authentic Jacket - £80.00 - shop.adidas.co.uk

Men's Star Wars T shirt (wooookii) - £25.00 - shop.adidas.co.uk

Men's Vespa Tee - £30.00 - shop.adidas.co.uk

Adidas Winter 2010

Adidas originals hooded dress. An alternative way of dressing in chilly temperatures this winter rather than just those over worn baggy jogging bottoms. HO to the RAH!

Adidas Originals - £55.00 - shop.adidas.co.uk

Ashish Gupta Nike inspired

Love these dresses by Ashish Gupta, spring/ summer 2010 

15 Dec 2010

Winter Watches 2010/2011

Animal - £39.99 - shop.animal.co.uk/

Nixon - £55.00 - http://www.nixonnow.com/

i-toc - £59.95 - http://www.i-toc.com/

Roxy - £95.99 - Surfdome.com

Roxy - £54.99

Ripcurl - £59.99 - surfdome.com

6 Dec 2010

Ice Cream Cone

I'm doing a new project at uni and I'm basing my prints on ICE CREAM!

2 Dec 2010

Nike SB line Danny Kass Snowboots

Nike's contribution to their SB line includes this pro model boot created for team rider Danny Kass.


 Fun times, waay to cold for my liking.

Animal boots got me througgh!

Insight 'Matters Legging'

New Insight leggings look so good, worn with a baggy black gig T-shirt!

Available at insight51.com £35