27 Oct 2010

NEW. ricurl Lomography fisheye cameraa!!

Currently i've just got a regular lomography fisheye camera! but I'm willing to launch mine down the stairs just for an excuse to buy this bad boy! the pictures looks amazing, and the camera itself just looks awesomee!

dear father christmas...........

Russel Howard!

I went to see russel howard's good news last night for the second time. Suuuch a good day out, even though the doors opened at 5.45pm but we was queing since 3pm, the queue even at this time was huuuuugge!

but we had a really good time dispite the need to peee half way through the shooting. BAD TIMES.

24 Oct 2010


So i finally managed to purchase the new kings of leon album, '' come around sundown''.

Its sooooo nice to hear them, and appreciate them for them again, rather than being like ahhhh!! '' sex on fire'' the most over played song of the actual universe! and chavs being like '' BLUD, I love kings of leon'' orrrrr another  being chavs turning up at pub gigs like '' play sex on fire'' ... yeah just cause they have a guitar doesnt mean thats the only song ever known to have a guitar in it. jees louise.

but back to the point. no chavs will be liking this album as i can safely say there is nothing on the album containing the word SEX that the chavies love so much. :)

Love ittt and caleb's bizare yet amazing voice :)

Kings of Leon - Birthday + (Come Around Sundown) Free Album Link

19 Oct 2010


EEEEEEP! this is the coolest phone.
I've heard of such a thing, but never ever known where to purchase it!
Not that I have a phone line or anything, but i know exactly the phone i wish to purchase when i recieve a telephone opportunity.

I <3 Lazy Oaf!


Facelunk is a little iddy biddy company brand that i've decided could be my future.
BOLD. BRIGHT. FRESH Streetwear/surfwear.

its all about prints. on plain T-shirts. Dressses. bags. and anything else worth trying.

This brand has been in my thoughts for a good few years, so it feels right to me. As lame as it could sound, Facelunk is gunna make it. I HOPE.

yeaaah. so gunna be creating more designs and prints and publishing them on my blog!


9 Oct 2010

New O'Neill Tee.

I absolutely love this Tee! the print is so unique to the company with a lovely little snap shot of Jack in the center of the tee. its quite long as well so it can sit nicely over a pair of shorts with thick tights.

I wish I could afford a wardrobe of O'Neill.

Toots and The Maytals - Funky Kingston

This song never fails to make me smile, Good ole Toots and the Maytals!


I went to see MGMT last friday at Brixton Acadamy. I turned up a little late and came in just as they began to play Electric Feel, only to find everyone standing completely still!!
Like what the hell?? this is MGMT man, everyone should be dancing not stood moping!
I considered the fact that most people may have been high as the sky but there was just no atmosphere what so ever, anyway, landed up leaving after a couple of songs!

Sad times for MGMT at Brixton, I'm almost embarresed to be a british fan of them, cause the crown were pure SHIT.

MGMT are still rad!

Darwin Deez

Amazing colourful album. I listened to it the other day whilst drawing and realised I'd listened to the whole album about 5 times without realising. Now thats a change, from having to skip a song on an album cause its just too melow or different. My friend went to see him last night, and I'm sooo jealous.

Atleast i have Alexisonfire and Vampire Weekend to look forward too! :)