17 May 2011


I'm on a mission to find some of my top rated bumbags for this summer. Every festival season I plan to get me one, however with priorities on what tins of food I'm taking and what the weather forecast is, unfortunately the purchasing of the bumbag is at the bottom of the ''to do list''.

Billabong Rama Black Corduroy Bum Bag

Black Billabong Cord - www.shredhead.com - £19.95

Pink Kipling bum bag - www.kipling.com - £36.00

Stripe Talky Eastpak bum bag - www.eastpak.com - £13.00

Pete Burns – 1 x bum bag just ain’t enough!

And for those of us as cool as Pete Burns why not wear two! who needs a massive rucksack!

Llaura Originals - For Nadine

Another print from my ''winter brights'' collection, tote bag also made by mee

All Interlectual Property Copyright Llaura Pritchard

Llaura Originals - For Nicole

A print from my ''winter brights'' collection. For Nicole.

All Interlectual Property Copyright Llaura Pritchard

6 May 2011

''Llaura Originals'' Paradise Print Tote bag

I've done so many prints that I now feel I need to get them noticed. So I'm starting to make tote bags from a bunch of random fabrics I've collected and been given in the past few years, and then popping one of my  prints in the centre. Planning to give them to my friends and get them noticed and take any orders if need be.

All Interlectual Property Copyright Llaura Pritchard

4 May 2011

Superkini in Print!

When O'Neill first launched the Superkini it was clear to see the potential in the way it was designed, however with lack of colour being only available in pink and black. Now thankfully they've wacked some print and it looks amazing. 3 other prints now available from the E-shop now.

www.oneilleshop.co.uk - £54.99

Jeremy Scott X Adidas Trainers

As much as I am definetly one for the weird and wonderful, these Js Bear Sneakers by Jeremy Scott for Adidas are just Crazeee! I can't work out if they're really cool or just completely over the top cheese. 

However these bad boys are definitely on my WANT list. Actually amazing, saw a pair in Selfridges and I swear to god if that loan was in they were mine.

Selfridges&co - £138