7 Nov 2010

Men's Autumn/Winter 2010 snow jackets

(O'Neill winter 2010)

These prints are great! I saw the electric til snowboarding jacket in the O'Neill store and it even though it was at pretty much the back of the shop, it was one of the first things I saw!

Fresh, bold and almost streetwear like, this is the future for snowboarding jackets, we won't just be seeing these style jackets on the slopes and cliff edges but they'll be finding there ways onto the streets of London.
Bright colours on our streets are what we need on these gloomy winter days, enough of pastels and warm colours.

(O'Neill winter 2010)

It's time to get out there and stand out.

Take some of these bad boys as a pointer.


  1. ooo just what Ive been looking for - well not for me, but for my work hahaha xx