6 Mar 2011

So long Canoe!!

I came to Canoe without a clue of PR. I new that I was inspired by all the brands here but not a clue to what I was going to be doing with them. The first week I was shit scared and felt like I was in everybody’s way, but most certainly over come this.
Such a chilled out but hard working bunch of people, they’ve totally inspired me good and proper. I’m sad for my departure but keen to come back and see whats new to the show room for a/w 11! The brands I’ve worked with in the company have motivated me throughout these 5 weeks and it’s been so awesome to work with them and to see their collections.
Such a rad work experience, would not have changed it for the actual world.
Goodbye Canoe!!  x

1 comment:

  1. hey canooeee! you did so well, i'm proud!

    can't wait for press day!! sounds so cool... i'll be wearing a nice bit of palladium! x x